News from September 1995

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Pavel Gossip Line
Summarized from PBFC newsletter

  • The September 8, 1995 issue of 'The Hockey News' features Bure and Mogilny on the front cover, as well as a feature article inside.

  • Early September advertising by the Vancouver Canucks in Vancouver newspapers featured large Russian cryllic lettering, then in English, 'Bure and Mogilny - - pure excitement in any language'.

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Vancouver Canucks 1995-96 exhibition schedule

When      Opponent     Location
Sep.17    San Jose     Spokane  
Sep.20    Edmonton     Edmonton
Sep.23    Anaheim      GM Place
Sep.24    Edmonton     GM Place
Sep.28    San Jose     GM Place
Oct. 1    Anaheim      Portland
Oct. 2    Calgary      GM Place

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Pavel to wear new number in '95-96

In early September, the Canucks announced that Pavel Bure had changed his jersey number from 10 to 96. He had wanted to change his number for a few years, but Canucks GM Pat Quinn says he initially 'recommended against the change' but with star winger Alexander Mogilny joining theteam, and wearing the higher number 89, Quinn had relented. The number 96 signifies the year Pavel becomes eligible to take out citizenship in his new homeland.

"I really want to make the change", says Bure, "I have good feelings entering this season".

This change of number has caught many Pavel Bure fans by surprise, including his fan club and his mother, who, had purchased three Pavel Bure 310 jerseys the day before her return to Russia.

The Pavel Bure Fan Club recently ordered a quantity of multi-coloured crests featuring a large #10 in the center.

Upon learning of the number change, the company producing the crests was contacted , but it was too late, as production was already under way.

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NHL and the Canucks to enter Cyberspace

More than 125,000 hockey fans around the world skated the web to follow the Stanley Cup play-offs this spring, as the NHL opened it's first world wide web page (

Internet users are able to obtain a wide variety of NHL information, including team-specific content, official daily stats, trivia questions, interactive sessiosn with players, photos, hockey tips, rules clarification, business news and other interesting items.

Highlights of the site, up since mid-May, have included chat sessions with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, NHL star Adam Oates, and TV colour commentators John Davidson and Barry Melrose.

The Vancouver Canucks are planning to open their own home page on the World Wide Web on Internet. The database will contain the complete 1995-96 Canuck yearbook combined with graphics.

There will also be a forum where questions may be addressed to various personnel in the Canucks organization.

The PBFC was in th eprocess of forming it's own home page on the WWW, but was requested by the Canucks to hold off until they were able to design their own first.

The Canucks design could incorporate and access for PBFC members to their own section.

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NHL teams to introduce new looks

Three NHL teams, the New York Islanders, Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins will sport new logos, while the Ottawa Senators will don updated road uniforms for the 1995-1996 season.

The New York Islanders logo evolves from a map of Long Island to a tough, determined mariner, carrying a hockey stick and defending both his goal and the 'Islanders' team name. A new shoulder patch shows a lighthouse, a geographical landmark of the region. The team's colours have changed as well, with a deeper blue, and aricher orange. Green and silver have also been added. The jersey design is unified by a wave pattern across the shoulder, arms and midriff.

An attacking bald eagle (the national bird of the USA), with bronze stars in it's wings graces the front of the new Capitals jersey. A distinguished federal blue and black are the primary colours in th eboldly striped uniform.

The secondary patch pays homage to the centerpiece of washington architecture - - the Capitol building.

The key element of the Boston redesign is a new presentation of the Bruins distinguished, spoked letter B. For both home and away uniforms, the venerable B, the spokes, and the outer circle will be black with a gold outline.

Stronger shoulder stripes run the length of the arms and a new shoulder patch has been developed.

The Senators new road uniform includes white stripes that help set off the bold use of black and red.

"These redesigns are examples of how we work with teams to develop exciting identities that have both local and universal appeal", said David Haney, NHL Director of Creative Services.

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Five teams get third jersey

The NHL will introduce it's 'Fashionable Authentic' line next season when fiveteams don a special third jersey for certain games. The Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Vancouver Canucks, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and Los Angeles Kings will all begin wearing the innovative uniforms, featuring new colours and logos, after the All-Star Game in January 1996.

"The third jersey allows our teams to be a little more creative with their on-ice presentation, while also providing a unique look for certain games or events", claims Fred Scalera, NHL Enterprises' Vice-President of Licensing.

"These first designs play up a particular element or colour of the traditional logos, and we believe add some excitement for special occasions".

Other teams are expected to join the third jersey program in the coming seasons.

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NHL and NHLPA debut new magazine
NHL Power Play

This fall, the NHL in a joint venture with the NHLPA will debut it's first consumer magazine, 'NHL Powerplay'.

Each issue willfeature an in-depth player profile; updates on off-ice trends such as street and roller hockey; game related information, from key stats to league leaders; as well as news and scoops from the world of hockey.

Published quarterly and available through newstands, subscription and at NHL games, the magazine will have a circulation of 300,000 with the first issue hitting the stands in October 1995.

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